Trick Training

Jake doing a trick with LEDR Dog TrainingLooking to take your relationship with your dog to the next level? Always wanted to have a couple tricks to show your friends at parties? Having trouble in your dog’s primary sport and looking for something to take the focus off competition and back to having fun? Trick training builds confidence, strength, body awareness, and focus. Trick training can be a great supplement to your dog’s obedience training, or a way to bond with a new pet in a no-pressure environment. Your dog is never too old, or too young to get started in the fun sport of trick training! Trick training burns mental and physical energy and a tired pup is a happy owner!

Jake doing a trick with Laura LEDR Dog TrainingLearn in the comfort of your own home with Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Laura DeMaio Roy and Do More with Your Dog®. Laura became certified directly from Kyra Sundance, world renowned trick and stunt dog trainer. Laura is passionate about trick training and will teach you the skills necessary to learn a multitude of tricks while having tons of fun with your pup! She can even help you earn trick titles, Novice through Expert!




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