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Do you want a tired and happy dog but don’t have the time to train and exercise your dog every day? Does your dog need a midday break but a simple dog walker just isn’t going to cut it for your active dog?

You are a busy working professional. You have your hands full running your family. You feel guilty because your pup doesn’t get as much exercise or training as he needs. You love your dog, but you don’t have time to exercise and train him on a regular basis. You would love him to be respectful and well-behaved in the home and respond to commands when you ask. Let an experienced trainer exercise and train your dog for you!
(Appropriate for dogs 2 months to 15 years)

Walk-and-Train lessons are held Monday – Friday midday to exercise and train your dog while you are at work! These sessions are 40 minutes in length and typical broken up into:

  • First 10 minutes spent doing formal obedience drills,
  • Next 20 minutes spent out on a “working walk” where we practice loose leash walking, along with obedience under distraction.
  • Final 10 minutes consist of physical or mental games to tire your dog out.

These training sessions are fast-paced to keep your dog interested and focused. Training by a professional trainer can cut the time needed to learn new skills in half! Clients typically choose to sign up for 3 walk-and-train lessons a week to provide consistency for their dog, but arrangements can be made for 2-5 days a week. Program includes a private lesson every 2 weeks to transfer the skills your dog is learning to you!

  • Examples of Obedience Commands taught: Sit, Down, Stay, Target, Come, Go to Place/Crate, Come-to-Heel, Loose Leash Walking.

Space is limited in this elite package. We provide top-notch care and training for your dog. Call for availability.

Bonuses and Added Value:

  • Completely tailor commands, behaviors, and training to your needs, and the needs of your family
  • Unlimited free email and phone support while on the program
  • Appropriate treats for lessons
  • Text or email picture updates


Just got a puppy? This is a great program for that period of time where you need to hire someone to give your puppy a potty break mid-day. Why not have your puppy trained at the same time? Contact us today for daily puppy potty breaks that include training and socialization!