Puppy Bootcamp

Puppy Bootcamp (Board-and-Train)

Do you want to come home to a better behaved puppy while you go on vacation?

Did you just get your puppy and now you are leaving on a vacation? Don’t want to leave them in a scary kennel environment, or can’t find a kennel that takes a young pup?

We are now offering puppy bootcamp for puppies up to 6 months! This is the perfect program for owners who have upcoming vacations or events and need a loving home to board their puppy in, but also need help with basic obedience, house training, or sport-dog foundation skills.

In our Puppy Bootcamp program, dogs are boarded in Casey’s loving, dog friendly home with her two well-socialized dogs. Behaviors taught are customizable based on the needs of the owner but generally include sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and go to place, along with loose leash walking skills (behaviors trained are based on length of stay and each individual puppies personality and needs). With longer stays, obedience around distractions can also be taught.

This is also a great program for puppies who need socialization and don’t belong in a kennel-type setting. When you board your puppy in the home of a trainer you take away the risk of them learning bad behaviors in a kennel environment (barking, jumping, etc.), along with reducing their stress while you’re away. Plus your puppy comes home better behaved than when you left them!

While staying in Casey’s home, your puppy is able to keep the routine you have established in your home, including sleeping routine. Your dog will come home better trained and less stressed than if you had left them in a kennel environment.

Casey takes Bootcamp clients on a first come, first serve basis and spaces are already filling for summer. Contact LEDR Dog Training today to find out more details about this exclusive program. 

*Current LEDR Dog Training clients older than 6 months are also eligible for Board and Train on a case-by-case basis.