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Do you wish you had more enjoyable walks with your dogs?
Do you wish your friends complemented you on what a well-behaved pup you have?
Do you want your dog to listen, the first time?
We can help!

Puppy Primer

90 minutes
F43A2449Do you want to get your new puppy started off on the right foot? The puppy primer is for you! During this hour and a half initial visit we will set you up for success with your pup. We will discuss how to introduce your puppy to their new household, along with potty training and crate training. We will also discuss solutions for chewing, biting, and other puppy habits, along with important management techniques. You will also learn how to reward your pup for good behavior! This is a great first step in puppy ownership. The puppy primer can be followed up with private training lessons to work on obedience foundations, and any other problems that arise while raising your pup!

Private Lessons

Oliver150 min – 1 hour
One-on-one private training in the comfort of your own home, or other location of your choosing. A training plan is created to address issues such as pulling on leash, jumping, home behavior, etc. You will be shown specific exercises to work on with your dog to improve behavior and empower you as your dog’s trainer. This is a great option for those with specific behavior issues, obedience work, or those that are trying to build a better relationship with their dog. Private Training is fun, educational, and gives you the skills you need to solve problem behaviors and train the well-behaved best friend you always wanted your dog to be!
We can also arrange semi-private lessons for you and a friend – a great option for trick training, dogs that frequently walk together, or those looking to keep costs down while having fun with a friend. (Not appropriate for difficult home-behavior issues).
*Discounts available when purchasing 3 and 6 lesson packages.

If you do not have time to work with your dog on a regular basis outside of your lesson, our Month-long Intensive program might be a better option to achieve the results you are looking for, while keeping your time expenditure to a minimum. Check out these options below.

Month-long Intensive

50 min – 1 hour per session
This package gets results fast! This is a package of 16 to 20 sessions where we spend 3-4 lessons each week training your dog and one lesson per week training you to transition the skills your dog is learning. This package is especially good for a new puppy owner looking to set their pup up for a lifetime of success, as well as addressing undesired behaviors like leash reactivity, doorbell barking, and more. Consistent work with an experienced trainer is the quickest way to solve some of the most difficult problem behaviors you may experience.

Examples of skills taught include:

    • Sit
    • Down
    • Stay
    • Come
    • Leave It
    • Obedience under distraction
    • Loose Leash Walking