Service Dog Training


*We are currently only accepting clients within a 10-minute drive of Berlin, CT. If you live within 10 minutes of Berlin, CT please EMAIL Laura at for more information and an inquiry form. This is the first step in the process*

Unsure what is involved in training your own service dog or if it’s right for you? Questions about laws surrounding service dogs? What is the process like? Click HERE to sign up for Service Dogs 101 Live 1-to-1 video consult and get all of your questions answered!

We can help you train your own service dog under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgable instructor. Training starts with an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and your dog’s suitability for service work. Training time is based on the needs of the individual and the dog and culminates in a public access test.

We can help you train service dogs to assist with:

  • Mobility
  • Visual Impairment
  • Balance
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Hearing

Service dog training has three components: obedience training, public access training, and task training to mitigate your disability. Dogs that are used for service 

izaac red cross herowork must be confident, well-socialized, and physically able to complete the task they are trained to do. Many dogs are not suitable to be service dogs and a thorough evaluation is required to see if your dog would be appropriate for the work and public exposure you are asking of it. If you have not yet acquired a dog to self-train, now is a good time to contact us to help you find a dog suitable for the type of service you require.

Service dog training is time consuming (typical training time is 12 months -2 years depending on dogs starting age), along with financially, emotionally, and physically intensive, so please do not take the decision to train your own service dog lightly. If you are interested in training your own service dog and would like to know more about the services we provide, please contact us. Space in this program is limited to a few dedicated teams at a time.


Service Dog Training Program:

  • Initial 1.5 hour consult with trainer to assess suitability of dog and discuss training going forward.
  • 30 Private Lessons with you and your dog (50-60 min each)
    • 9 field trips included in these lessons
    • Lessons are typically held weekly in the beginning and every other week as the handler becomes more comfortable with the training.
  • Trainer Time: Your dog will work privately with Laura to work on socialization, task training, and public access skills.
    • 4 Day Training Sessions: Laura comes to your house and works with your dog
    • 3 Field Trip Sessions: Laura brings your dog to public locations to work on public access behavior
  • Handouts, resources, and guidance throughout the process
  • Homework and reading assignments throughout the program
  • Email support throughout training process
  • Unlimited access to the DoggyU Member Portal with training videos and handouts
  • Access to Service Dog in Training group-training outings every other month.
  • Final Public Access/Task Exam
  • Official letter from LEDR Dog Training stating that your dog has been trained as a service dog upon passing the final public access evaluation.

*Additional lessons can be purchased if desired during or after the program as needed.

**Not every dog is appropriate for service dog work, despite our best efforts. We will assess your dogs suitability and progress towards becoming a service dog midway through the program.

*** Service Dog Training costs vary widely but typically training lasts 1-2 years and costs between $4,000 and $9,000 depending on age of dog at acquisition, complexity of tasks trained, any issues that arise with either training or public access, how much day training with the trainer is worked into the program, and ability of both dog and handler to train on their own. We prefer to help you choose the right dog for your situation so that you can have the highest possibility of success with your dog. If you have not chosen a dog yet, now is the time to contact us! We have breeders that we work with to select the appropriate dog for you, with a track record of successful service dogs.