DoggyU Online Dog Training Program

Practical, Positive, Online Dog Training

We offer video consult services along with month-long training opportunities that include access to a trainer on a daily basis.

During these programs your trainer will assign homework, and you can post video, ask questions, and get feedback on a daily basis.  Exercises are designed to solve problems and to advance your dogs skills and abilities while you learn about training your dog. This is perfect for clients who do not live within our service area, or need structured daily help and check-ins!

We Offer:

1-to-1 Live Online Support


On-Demand Videos

Access to a library of training videos.

Stop searching YouTube for answers and get the help you need NOW!

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On-Demand Video

Teaching A Solid Down Stay: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Video Guide


Do you have trouble teaching a solid stay, especially with distractions? Maybe even teaching a down is a challenge?

This video is for you! In this comprehensive video we will start with an overview of clicker training, then move on to teaching a sustained down. Next you will learn the secrets to building a stay, step by step. By the end of the video you will understand how to build duration, distance, and distraction into your stays and have a dog that can hold a stay anywhere. This is a comprehensive guide to progressively teaching a Solid Stay! (run time: 37 minutes)